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We offer a wide variety of United States immigration services and global immigration assistance. Employment-based, Family-based, Business-based Immigrant and non-immigrant visas that includes but not limited to H, L, TN, P, R, EB1/EB2, O, E2, E3 visas, extraordinary/exceptional ability visas NIW, permanent residency (green cards), EB5, naturalization.

Attorney fee: $1500 and above.

Employment Based Immigrant Visas (EB-1 to EB-5, NIW, and I-9 compliance)

  • EB1A – Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
  • EB1B – Outstanding Researchers and Professors
  • EB1C – Multinational Executives or Managers
  • EB2 – National Interest Waiver (NIW)
  • EB2 – Advanced Degree Worker
  • EB3 – Professional or Skilled Worker
  • EB4 – Religious Workers
  • EB5 – Investors

Employment Based Nonimmigrant Visas (E-2, H-1B, L-1, O, P, R, and TN)

  • E1 – Treaty Traders
  • E2 – Treaty Investor
  • H1B – Specialty Occupation Workers
  • L1A – Intra-company Manager or Executive Transferee
  • L1B – Intra-company Specialized Knowledge Transferee
  • O1 – Individuals with Extraordinary Ability
  • P1 – Athletes and Entertainers
  • R1 – Religious Worker
  • TN – Canadian or Mexican Worker

Family Based Immigration (K-1, Immediate Relatives, and Preference Categories)

  • Immediate Relative Petitions
  • Preference Category Petitions
  • K-1 Fiance(e) Visa Petitions

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