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Assertiveness Not Aggressiveness

The guiding principle at Erum Choudhry Law is “Prioritizing Assertiveness over Aggressiveness.” We believe in simplicity and directness. Instead of imposing our will, we work alongside you, understanding your requirements, and providing expert guidance to help you reach your goals. Our approach involves thorough due diligence and professional execution to ensure a favorable outcome.


Let Us Be Your "In-House" (the on-call) Immigration Attorneys For Your Business And Your Family

We offer a wide variety of United States immigration services and global immigration assistance. Employment-based, Family-based, Business-based (Immigrant and non-immigrant) visas that includes but not limited to H, L, TN, P, R, EB1/EB2, O, E2, E3 visas, extraordinary/exceptional ability visas, permanent residency (green cards), EB5 and Naturalization issues related to immigrants.

Estate Planning

Do it now before it’s too late

Let Us Be (the on-call) Estate Planning Attorneys For Your Family

Estate Planning allows you to decide how your finances, property, and assets are dealt with once your life ends. It is the best way to ensure that your loved ones are secure from overburdening expenses after your death. This process is far from easy but  Erum Choudhry Law has your back the entire time and makes this experience as trouble-free as possible. We listen to your wishes, understand your goals, and provide the best guidance that will help your situation. We surpass all expectations to ensure that your affairs are handled adequately and prevent any fallbacks.

Probate litigation

Let us make probate process easier for your family

Erum Choudhry Law  is one of the few law firms that offer probation litigation attorneys for you to hire. We help solve any disputes or claims during a probate process and prevent any wrong action from taking place. Whether you have trouble deciding who the Administrator of the Will is or question the validity of the Will, our probate litigation attorneys are just a call away. We help you solve any disputes that challenge the Will or estate planning of your deceased loved one and leave you pleased with the entire process and the outcome. 


Have a Debt Free Future

Bankruptcy does not necessarily spell the end of your financial situation. It might be the start of a new chapter that helps you recuperate rather than worsening your predicament. Contact our experienced attorneys to analyze your financial situation and help you regain control of your finances, re-establish your credit and start anew. We give legal advice and make certain that your bankruptcy case is successful.


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