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Under Chapter 7 of Bankruptcy, the debtor is exempt from all debts if their income is insufficient to pay them off. Your income of the previous six months along with details of your family determines the outcome of this process. This not only removes a heavy burden from your shoulders but also helps you start afresh. Your financial status will become more stable and you will see an increase in your credit after your bankruptcy case. Once you put your trust in our attorneys, you will have nothing to worry about as we will ensure that your bankruptcy case is a smooth success. 

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is commonly called reorganization bankruptcy. It allows a business to continue operations while the business makes a plan to repay or discharge its debts. The plans are designed to keep the business operational during and following the bankruptcy process.

A lot of people think of Chapter 11 bankruptcy is only for big businesses. However, small business owners (with some limitations) who want to keep a business running but need some debt relief may also benefit from filing for Chapter 11. Most small business owners who want to continue running their businesses will maintain ownership of their operations during the bankruptcy process.

Chapter 13 of Bankruptcy allows you to have a second chance to redeem yourself. You are allowed to repay all your debts in affordable installments over to due 3 to 5 years, making the process easier for you. To be eligible for Chapter 13, you must have a stable income that can pay off at least a portion of your debts.

Bankruptcy does not necessarily spell the end of your financial situation. It might be the start of a new chapter that helps you recuperate rather than worsening your predicament. Contact our experienced attorneys to analyze your financial situation and help you regain control of your finances, re-establish your credit and start anew. We give legal advice and make certain that your bankruptcy case is successful.

We have partnered with Dana Michael Ritter, Esq. in Bankruptcy cases.

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